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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » The Galactic Empire » Communications Node » To Druckenwell Shipyard (Confidential)
To Druckenwell Shipyard
Verence_TerrawinDate: Sunday, 03 Feb 2013, 4:58 AM | Message # 1
Major general
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To Whom it May Concern,

Since legislation has been forthcoming recently to accord wide ranging protections to civilian ships housing communities, we would like to experiment to see if it is viable (with viability meaning: Will the people aboard be happy and healthy?) to produce ships on which Humans live as the Duros do. Rather than "rush" into such a project by producing a full-blown "City-ship" we would like to first produce a "Town-ship" (if you will excuse the pun) capable of housing tens of thousands of people in relative

We'd like to base the design on the Lucrehulk-class LH-3210 cargo freighter.

The design has a massive amount of internal space and that's why we think it would be best for us. We would welcome suggestions if you have better ones.


- Comfortable and spacious living quarters for no less than 25,000 beings. Additionally spartan bunk accommodation for up to 2,500 additional people.
- A variety of onboard industries and business areas allowing the inhabitants to participate in the Galactic economy while aboard. This will necessitate the following.
- High quality hypercomms for business use
- Office suites
- Hydroponic farms able to produce a surplus in addition to feeding the community
- A Foundry
- A Refinery
- Spaces set aside for the installation of further industrial areas
- Hangars of a healthy size (A number of transports should be in the ships compliment to allow tours and excursions for visitors and inhabitants alike)
- Government and Administrative areas
- Hotels
- Leisure areas and gardens which are relatively spacious and able to alleviate claustrophobia.
- Multiple and diverse retail, dining and social facilities
- Several onboard Medical Bays and a fully fitted Hospital in addition
- Any and all other systems suggested to assure self sufficiency
- Internal design should be (where possible) homely and different areas should be decorated differently and have separate aesthetics so that the inhabitants don't feel institutionalized.
- No more than minimal defensive measures (no additional weapons to the stock design). However, the ship should be able to carry at least 60 Fighters (if required) and should have several tractor beam pylons.
- Escape pods able to carry the whole crew and population + an additional 2,500 in the event the ship is over-capacity.
- A variety of housing styles to suit individual tastes and budgets.
- Landing pads constructed on the exterior of the hull.
- Educational and recreational establishments for children.

Initially, the "testbed" (built by refitting the Lucrehulk Freighter) for future potential city ships would proceed on a stately cruise of the safer routes in the Galaxy over five years, with science teams aboard studying how the inhabitants found the experience and monitor the levels of population turnover. At that point we would decide to have specially constructed vessels built on a larger scale or whether to abandon the project.

Should we decide to go ahead with further travelling spacebourne residences, we would be willing to grant your shipyard preferential bidding status.

It is required in addition that (where it is not a great price difference) Alsakan produced High Technology components should be preferential in this construction.

Please reply to let us know if your shipyard could take on the project, and if so with an initial design for us to look over. We realize this is an extensive refit but we believe your worlds expertise within the field to be extremely desirable when it comes to modifying these older designs.

Note that while we don't object to droids onboard in principle, we do not wish any military droids of any description to be fitted if the vessel is constructed.

In cases where it is possible, systems should be modernized and made more efficient than the original design (thus replacing the antiquated Quadlasers with modern ones would be desirable, as an example). An advanced sensor and science suite is desirable.

A change in the hull aesthetic to make it appear less reminiscent of the vessel it is converted from would be appreciated. Perhaps a change in bridge towers? We're open to the idea of adding additional openings for secondary and tertiary grade hangars.

Verence Terrawin

Senator of Alsakan
First Lord of the Foreign Office, Alsakan
LomenRyuunDate: Sunday, 03 Feb 2013, 12:40 PM | Message # 2
Lieutenant general
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Senator Terrawin,

While I have no doubt that Druckenwell Shipyards can and will process your order, let me say I do not enter into this without some trepidation. If you recall not too long ago last year, Sluis Van and Acherin proposed a joint design that was a modified landing craft utilized by the Trade Federation and it was met with such hatred that Sluis Van shelved the design.

Druckenwell's own past under my predecessor is not one I am proud of in their support of the Separatists, which is why I am largely hesitant to build off an existing design of such. This isn't to say that I won't do it, simply that I am curious if you would prefer a modification of any other designs or whether a custom design would be suitable. If not, as I said, we can continue with what is here, but do let me know before we begin.


Lomen Ryuun
Senator, Doldur Sector
Senator, Druckenwell
Representative, Monor II (10 BBY - 9 BBY)
Representative, Geridard
Representative, Boranall
Representative, Therenor Prime
Vice-chairman, Defense Committee (Temporarily suspended)
Controlling Shareholder - Druckenwell Arms Corporation
Hieronymus_KuatDate: Monday, 18 Feb 2013, 11:45 AM | Message # 3
Group: Users
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Senator Terrawin,

Mr. Ryuun's trepidation aside, Druckenwell Shipyards is most interested in this challenge. I will not be swayed by political pressure, whether on Druckenwell or elsewhere. I look forward to personally designing this vessel, Mr. Terrawin. To be honest, building one of these from scratch could be problematic for us, but a renovation based on the LH-3210 is quite possible, and I think you'll be pleased with the result. It's our policy to use readily-available components from major manufacturers such as Koensayr, but we could use Alsakan components if you would prefer, especially since this won't be a mass market product (not from us, at least. If you're interested in mass-producing it at a later date, we'd be open to selling the design to you at a reasonable price).

But first thing's first: I shall have an initial design for your consideration shortly, Senator.


Hieronymus Kuat
Projects Manager, Druckenwell Shipyards
Former Deputy-Director of Research and Design, Kuat Drive Yards
Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » The Galactic Empire » Communications Node » To Druckenwell Shipyard (Confidential)
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