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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » The Galactic Empire » Communications Node » {To:} Representative Vanden
{To:} Representative Vanden
Jason_BertumanDate: Wednesday, 20 Feb 2013, 12:00 PM | Message # 1
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Chaledaya Governmental Building
Christophsis, Christoph System, Savareen Sector
To: Representative Vanden of Naboo
From: Senator Bertuman of Christophsis
Subject: Dialogue between Christophsis and Naboo
While we have seen each other in the Senate, we haven't formally introduce each other. I am Senator Bertuman of Christophsis. One of my top priorities in my first term within the Imperial Senate is to establish relations with other worlds. I admire Naboo's rich history, and applaud your people's bravery for actions during the Trade Federation invasion and during the Clone Wars. I am also amazed at how frequent the Grand Army of the Republic and the droid army of the Confederacy had fought on Naboo, and your planet shows so little scar of it. At least environmentally, anyway. My people are interested in art and cultural items, we want to bring a little flavor to Christophsis. I am also aware of how much of a priority your people had put into education. Which is why, through Teacher Exchange Program of Christophsis, I am hoping that your government would allow your college professors to come and teach classes at a new University that I am hoping would be put into construction soon. In return, we can ship minerals and ores that your people might need. I personally would like to also invite you to a tour of Christophsis, as well as meeting with me on a possible dialogue between both our worlds. If you are interested, please do let me know ASAP.
Oh! I am curious, what do you put plasma to use for? I have heard your people sell a such thing.

~Senator Bertuman of Christophsis
Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » The Galactic Empire » Communications Node » {To:} Representative Vanden
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