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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » The Galactic Empire » Communications Node » Lord Alyn Stark
Lord Alyn Stark
Heinrich_MaxwellDate: Tuesday, 26 Feb 2013, 12:03 PM | Message # 1
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Lord Stark,

I lament how long it has been since I wrote last. His Ferociousness, Tssk of Trandosha, bids Alyn Stark greeting and wishes to invite him to visit his station posthaste to inspect the now completed prototypes for the joint Stark-SubPro venture which we are sure will take the market by storm. On another matter, he would be curious if you could bring along a few of your Drones since he's considering them as a replacement for the old droid fighters aboard his Flagship, the Lucreulk has many slots for fighters simply sitting empty and it'd be good to change this.

He also offers an escort (should you require one) while in Botor space.

Informally also, he has some matters of private importance to discuss with regard to perhaps building a palace along the lines of the fine one on Lorrd that you own, he feels his rule would be well reinforced behind a duracrete fortification and it is all these matters he would discuss with you at the earliest possible convenience on Trandosha.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr Heinrich Maxwell

Imperial Liaison Representative of Trandosha

Major Accounts:
The Government of Trandosha
The Sublight Products Corporation
United T'bac Company
Palar Microsystems

Partner in Terumo, Nicholson and Maxwell - Specialists in lobbying and managing the affairs and relations of organizations of all sizes, from corporations to planets.

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Alyn_StarkDate: Tuesday, 26 Feb 2013, 5:33 PM | Message # 2
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Mr. Maxwell,

Inform His Ferociousness that I will bring two squadrons of I-002 drones for his purchase providing the Defense Committee chooses to allow me to sell them to him. While I appreciate the offer of an escort, this is a peacekeeping mission, and too many escorts might well achieve an opposite effect. Besides, if I am not able to protect myself and my family against all threats, then I certainly am not good enough, and I pride myself on being able to protect the things I love.

If Tssk wishes to speak with me, I shall meet with him as time allows. I regret that the exact specifications of my palaces on Lorrd and Cambria cannot be duplicated, but if he wishes, I will find a suitable alternative for him that suits his needs.


Alyn Stark
Lord of Kinyov
Senior Captain, Retired, Republic Navy
Head of House Malos (former)
Licensed bounty hunter
Majority shareholder, Lorrd Engineering
Owner, Stark Defense Conglomerate
Civilian Medal of Honor recipient
Representative, Lorrd (10 BBY-9 BBY)
Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » The Galactic Empire » Communications Node » Lord Alyn Stark
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