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Senator Lekpin
Ana_StarkDate: Friday, 08 Mar 2013, 8:14 AM | Message # 1
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I am enclosing a document that was sent to me by the trandoshans. Supposedly it is Alyn's dictated last will and testament. There are so many discrepancies that I have doubts as to it's legitimacy. Will you look it over? I have every intention on filing papers with the courts to get this stopped. Something isn't right here, and we need your help and support, now more than ever Roman.



THIS Last Will & Testament is made by me Lord Alyn Stark of Kinyov Province

I REVOKE all previous wills and codicils having reconsidered during these, my final hours more appropriate uses of funds.

I APPOINT as executors and trustees of my will Mr. Heinrich Maxwell, who has always dealt with me as an honest man, of Imperial Center and Senator Ilanah Thanatos of Chandrila, a constant friend, of Chandrila (also residing on Imperial Center) and should one or more of them fail to or be unable to act I APPOINT to fill any vacancy Representative Lekpin of Lorrd.

It is my wish that any funds within my estate be managed and held in the Bank of Brentaal due to their stainless record for efficiency, all trust funds within the estate will also be administered by the Bank. The Bank of Brentaal shall be the auditor for all associated funds.

Over my life I have largely operated corporations within the Arms Industry. I regret that I have been a supplier of weapons that have taken so many lives. As my hour of death approaches I consider how many I have condemned to this fate and sincerely beg the forgiveness of any who have suffered from my weaponary. As such, IT IS MY WISH that the Stark Defense Conglomerate be broken up.

My stakes in the following Corporations are to be liquidated:
Prax Arms

Kelvarex Consolidated Arms
Brissalon Chemical Consolidated
Bacnor Armaments

The liquid capital raised will be distributed as follows:
SIXTY PERCENT (60%) to be retained by my estate.
THIRTY PERCENT (30%) to be be granted to the Galactic Empire.
FIVE PERCENT (5%) to be donated to the Governor of the Myrantor Sector.
FIVE PERCENT (5%) to be donated to the Governor of the Kanz Sector.

Lorrd Engineering Groundworks is to be SPLIT from Lorrd Engineering’s Shipyard division. Shareholders shall be given the equivalent to their current share in the company but split across the two. My shares in Lorrd Groundworks shall be liquidated and donated to the Imperial Treasury.

The two successor companies shall be named as follows:
Lorrd Engineering and Shipyards
Lorrd Groundworks


I GIVE to His Imperial Majesty, the Galactic Emperor, Palpatine of Imperial Center, Vigilance Technologies, its patents, intellectual property and assets in full.
I GIVE to The Treasury of the Galactic Empire the sum of One Hundred Million Imperial Credits to give a little back to the state that has provided me with such a blessed life.
I GIVE to The Senator Ordan Benevolent Emigration Fund (based on Imperial Center) the entirety of the Charity GalacticAid and wish its abilities to be combined with this Imperial Institution.
I GIVE to the Imperial Senate the sum of ten million credits to add to the library of the Senate.
I GIVE to the War Chief of Trandosha’s Treasury my controlling share in Lorrd Engineering and Shipyards in recognition of the fact SubPro’s agreements with my corporations will be effectively nullified by this will. This is contingent upon SubPro or Trandosha agreeing to make a one-time tribute to the Emperor of fifty million credits (or goods to that value); and that they set aside a sum from their annual profits to establish and support a medical clinic on Lorrd II to help aid the displaced people there.
I GIVE Synthtech Medtech Corporation jointly to my wife and the Government of Naboo.
I GIVE my Ceremonial Vibrosword to the successor as ruler of Kinyov Province.
I GIVE ten million credits to Sluis Van Shipyards as recompense for being unable to guarantee continued corporate cooperation.
I GIVE all Mothballed ships currently in possession of my yards to the Imperial Navy Department of Research.
I GIVE the Government of Lorrd twenty million credits for all it has done for me and to help fund reconstruction of the orbital station.
I GIVE the Government of Acherin ten million credits to thank them for their help in designing a ship with my company.
I GIVE fifty million credits to the Tarkin family as a small sign of the regret I feel for my Father’s actions which lead to the loss of his close relative.
I GIVE fifty million credits to be distributed to the Republic Veterans of the Stark Hyperspace War, to help alleviate the suffering caused.

I renounce the former moves towards Democratization of the Kinyov Province (unless my successor wishes to maintain them. Lorrd has too often had militarist lords of war ruling it’s provinces and I would wish that this intrigue is put to a final end.

With my final act of Lordly authority I create the County of Qatamer, this shall be a fief of the Kinyov Province in perpetuity and shall be granted five million credits from my estate to establish a suitable seat within the town. It is my wish my wife be appointed the County of Qatamer. Thenceforth the title shall pass to the next eligible candidate of Stark blood via Agnatic-cognatic succession. If my wife bears a child from my own DNA then that child shall be the heir.

Thus, as a successor I will break from tradition and appoint a successor not based on blood, or upon their profligate effusion of blood as has been the case in the past. During the Clone Wars, the Magrath family of Jaemus were truly exemplars of Humanitarianism, and were recognized with an Imperial Barony for this. As such I appoint the Baroness of the Empire Raulyn Hawkshaw Magrath of Jaemus as my successor. In the event she does not accept the title, choice of successor will fall to her.

My home on Lorrd, (the traditional fortress of the Kinyov Province) shall fall to the new ruler of Kinyov Province as their personal asset.

My castle on the planet Cambria is to be donated to the Government of Eriadu to give a small act of apology and repentance for the ghastly and shameful actions my father was involved in.

My wide land holdings on Lorrd (and elsewhere, unless otherwise detailed in this will) are to be split between four deserving parties.
Thirty Percent (30%) of the Land shall be sold and the money raised granted to the Empire.
Thirty Percent (30%) of the Land shall remain the property of the Lord/Lady of Kinyov Province.
Thirty Percent (30%) shall be distributed to those in poverty within the Province.
Ten Percent (10%) shall be granted to the County of Qatamer.

My skyhook named “Stark’s Pride” shall be renamed “Stark’s Legacy” and shall be managed as a charitable institution to promote enterprise, education and philanthropy with my wife as the Trustee. The apartment floors shall remain the property of my wife, rather than the charity. In addition, any Imperial Department may use the office facilities free of charge and are entitled to a permanent lease if they wish to do so.

With my wife as Countess of Qatamer, she shall (as above) be entitled to a significant rent from the tenants and this will provide the County with moderate but sufficient funds for the forseeable future.
One Hundred Million Imperial Credits are to be placed in a trust fund in the name of my wife Anna Stark and her descendants, the dividends from this fund shall be paid out quarterly to allow her and her descendants to live in a genteel and elegant style.
My treasured ships shall pass to my wife, as shall all of my personal effects (vehicles, clothing, weapons and other chattels).

I GIVE the rest of my estate to my executors and trustees to hold on trust in the Bank of Brentaal to pay any debts, taxes and testamentary expenses etc.

Fifty percent of any residue is to be donated to COMPNOR, the other Fifty Percent to be held indefinitely in a trust fund at the Bank of Brentaal, with annual interest payments being rendered to the Imperial College of Medicine to help fund its research and development of new methods to improve peoples lives instead of cause their deaths as perhaps I have done in the past.

Any Corporate entities, Organizations, Property or other chattels of any kind not hereto mentioned will be upon my death the property of the Galactic Empire who are free to dispose with them as they wish.

I would like to sincerely thank the Emperor for all the boons the protection and order of the Imperial State have provided me, and the awards and decorations he and the Imperial state bestowed on me.


Witness 1: Argus Myjector, Imperial Magistrate for the Kashyyyk System.
Witness 2: Quentin Slough, Clerk of the Imperial Court, Hsskhor, Trandosha.
Witness 3: Lars Hatcha, Chartered Merchant Captain operating
Roman_LekpinDate: Saturday, 09 Mar 2013, 1:05 PM | Message # 2
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Lady Stark,

This document is full of a number of holes and discrepancies I cannot even begin to try and sort out. If this is the supposed last will from Lord Stark, it differs greatly from that which is on file here on Lorrd that was updated not long ago to include yourself and your unborn son. I would advise getting good legal assistance and trust that the Ruling Houses will confer properly. Lord Stark may not have been a favorite of some of them, but he was still a Lorrdian and there will be no Lorrdian assets passed on to some foul alien species; that alone I can promise you.

If you have further questions or need, please do inform me of such.


Roman Lekpin
Representative, Lorrd (11 BBY-10 BBY) (9 BBY-Present)
Chosen of House Garth
Ana_StarkDate: Saturday, 09 Mar 2013, 4:57 PM | Message # 3
Major general
Group: Users
Messages: 474
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It's Ana, please.  I've asked you that before, and right now especially, formality holds no value to me.  Would you be so kind as to send a copy of the will you have on file so that I can give it to my lawyer?  She is working on paperwork now and it may come in handy. 

Also, I told Jendos that I would go to the ruling houses myself if I have to, or if you two think it would help.  I could care less about their past issues.  What's past is past and at this point, I will do anything I can to help.

Thank you so much.  You have no idea how much I appreciate it.

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