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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » The Galactic Empire » Communications Node » To High Inquisitor Deschain (Classified)
To High Inquisitor Deschain
Inquisitor_CaleDate: Sunday, 10 Mar 2013, 10:04 PM | Message # 1
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High Inquisitor Deschain,

I have learned that Karth DeQora is traveling in the company of another fugitive Jedi, Daneira Farris. The heroes of Bellassa are together again, it seems. Another Jedi, Jace Varitek, was sighted on Kal'Shebbol and later in the company of DeQora and Farris on Sullust. I have reason to believe that they've parted ways, however. It is likely that DeQora and Farris, and Varitek separately, are planet-hopping in a Coreward direction along the Corellian Run, or more likely on local routes parallel to it. After confirming the presence of all three Jedi on Sullust, but arriving too late to apprehend them, I've since retired to Imperial Center to press Director Isard for more resources. I want him to alert Intelligence safehouses on the Corellian Run to be on the look out for DeQora, Farris, and Varitek and to report any sightings to me. Isard is a reasonable man, he knows I'm highly-placed in the Emperor's court, and I know for a fact he would rather deal with me than Vader. I'll get what I need from him.

But on a visit to the Imperial court I found many glasses raised to the death of Mr. Alyn Stark, apparently a much-reviled figure among the Emperor's advisers. What interested me are the rumors abounding in the court that Stark was traveling with a Jedi at the time of his death. With your permission, as I resume my pursuit of DeQora and the others, I would like to pay a visit to Trandosha on the way and look into this rumor. Stark was a mysterious man; if he employed one Force user among his retinue, it's possible he employed others.

Probably just a rumor, but it might as well be looked into.


Inquisitor Finius Cale
Landgrave of the Baltimn and Sigil Systems

Message edited by Inquisitor_Cale - Sunday, 10 Mar 2013, 10:07 PM
Rath-DeschainDate: Tuesday, 12 Mar 2013, 4:40 AM | Message # 2
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Inquisitor Cale,

I commend you on your work tracking the Jedi and I concur with your decision. I am close to finishing my personal business with the Libs as well.

In regards to Alyn Stark, proceed. If memory serves, he is from Lorrd, so I shall pay his estate a visit when I return.


Rath Deschain
High Inquisitor
Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » The Galactic Empire » Communications Node » To High Inquisitor Deschain (Classified)
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