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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » The Galactic Empire » Communications Node » Prefect Cale (Dantooine Standing Orders)
Prefect Cale
Duke_RibaldequinDate: Thursday, 28 Mar 2013, 3:22 PM | Message # 1
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Standing Orders on Dantooine

1. Keep interference in local affairs to a minimum at this stage as the Dantooine System is flourishing under Administratior Ray, who has my full confidence at this time. Act as the Imperial Liason and explain our perspective to him, forward any questions or replies to my office. Reports to be filed to me quarterly (or as required).
2. Imperial Military law will apply to yourself and your personnel while present unless the Sector Ranger present deems local law should apply for serious infractions of Planetary law.
3. Supplies shall be delivered by private shipping, once monthly. An Imperial Navy shuttle shall land once each six months (or when called upon in extreme emergency) to replace personnel and collect any recruits.
4. Objectives for your garrison are:
- Establish a Garrison base close to the city of Rieleg Court house - at the mid point between it to the west and the mass of water to the east.
- Take a team to investigate the old CIS base and if practicable leave a garrison on Parakus (1/3rd-1/2 your command) to act as sentinels over that place. If possible, the base should be returned to operational capacity. If this is possible, we may dispatch a spacecraft to bolster your mission. The facilities fall by Vae Victis to myself, and I will try to find a useful sale of them.
5. Pass any breaches of Sector or Imperial law to the Sector Rangers.
6. Support and succor the Emperor's Government on Dantooine under Administrator Exar Ray.
7. Discretely make any useful notes you can about the local mood and events etc.
8. Facilitate cooperation and understanding between the Organized Militia and the Imperial Garrison.
9. If aerial or spatial transport is required, indent to the Khoonda Militia who I am assured would be happy to provide you with transport anywhere within the system.
10. Any recruits to the Imperial Military may be given the rudiments of training on station at Dantooine, with a quota of at least one Platoon per anum, to be collected on the six monthly shuttle. Personnel may be put on active service from enlisting with yourself at the rank of E-1, no more than company strength should be retained.

Moff Ribaldequin Hector Charles Augustus of the Raioballo Sector
Duke of Shola
Scion to the Throne of Deralia
Descendant of Emperor Arterius I

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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » The Galactic Empire » Communications Node » Prefect Cale (Dantooine Standing Orders)
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