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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » The Resistance » The Shadowfeed » Master Ka-Dek (Jedi Encrypted Band)
Master Ka-Dek
Victor_MallixDate: Sunday, 14 Apr 2013, 7:42 PM | Message # 1
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During the Clone Wars aftermath I found a Jedi Padawan among a crew of prisoners I was chartered to transport. He mentioned a sage named Ka-Dek of Great Wisdom and Serenity. I fought the Jedi once because I believed Palpatine was evil, now it's apparent he was the leader of both sides (or seems apparent to me) by his public wearing of Sith trappings as did Darth Sidious who was the moving force behind the CIS.

I was always an honest Muun, and I rescued that Padawan from his fate and freed him in exchange for his surrendering his blade (for his own safety) into my custody and a promise he would not do anything foolish to risk his life again. Many idealists in the CIS fought and died to save the Jedi remaining after we realized that we had a common enemy who had made us fight one another, that the Jedi had been misguided to fight for the Sith just as we had.

I am no longer of the CIS and have accepted the pardon for my part in the War. But if there is to be another struggle, I wish to be on the right side this time.

He also left me with a Jedi communicator. An exceeding weak Jedi distress signal started beeping on it when I transited the world e1z79 closely to rendezvous with a shuttle sent from Trandosha to do some business there (business I know little of, likely looting the ruins). If you are out there, Jedi Knight, I would like you to know that I believe there may be a Jedi in distress there and while I could not help for fear of seeming to pry into my employer's business dealings I hope you might be interested in investigating. The signal is so weak you can barely detect it a light second away, so on such an obscure world I doubt the Empire would pick it up in the next ten centuries.

Please reply anonymously for decrypt on the location.

Xillam Rotciv
Trader and Captain allied to the Trandoshan Government.

Victor Mallix
Merchant Venturer
Ex-Banking Clan Executive
Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » The Resistance » The Shadowfeed » Master Ka-Dek (Jedi Encrypted Band)
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