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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » A Galaxy At War » The Galaxy » Immediate Action (The Droid Revolution)
Immediate Action
Orion_KarathDate: Saturday, 26 Jan 2013, 1:19 AM | Message # 1
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"What level are we on?" The movement of metal could be heard, it's screech waking anyone who was unconscious anymore. At this point, Senator Ryuun was still unconscious while Senator Thanatos seemed in outright shock. "What level are we on?" The question went unanswered for yet another time. Karath had been asking it repeatedly while trying to get out of the shuttle. The Sentinel had gone in hard, and it was quick thinking that likely had saved Senator Thanatos' baby. He stood next to her, watching her. Chances are, had she gone into labor or miscarriage, she would have done it by now. There was no telling how much time had elapsed since they were crashed into the skyscraper.

He found his fears confirmed with his current endeavor. Both assault ramps were stuck closed, either by damage or, more likely, by debris sitting on top of them. If it were debris, the amount of weight that would require the doors unable to open meant they were likely wedged neatly into the skyscraper, or had a floor or two collapse on top of them. As he went to go to the landing ramp, he finally felt his broken ribs and dislocated shoulder come into play. The pain stopped him in his tracks, and he knelt down, only for the pain from his ribs to get worse.

The medic rushed to him. "Sir, you have to rest," she said, rushing to him. Not part of the Commando unit, she was actually regular Army. He had to admit though, she was doing one hell of a job. She helped him to sit against the bulkhead. "I'll have to wrap your abdomen until we can get you to a med center. Top clothing off, now." He complied with the command... slowly. With much pain, he was able to get the jacket to his uniform off. The armor underneath was another story. First, the shoulder armor was taken off by the medic. "Now, Captain, I'm going to have to re-locate your shoulder. This is going to hurt."

Without any ceremony, or warning, the medic threw the entirety of her weight into her shoulder, resulting in a loud popping noise that seemed to echo throughout the landing craft. At least, it would have echoed if it weren't for his scream of pain. "Normally, I don't scream..." he struggled to say. The medic smiled, and winked. "All Commandos say that." She would take off his body armor quickly, and proceeded to wrap him. She was surprisingly quick. He was shocked at how much his pain improved once she was done. "It's not a full break, so the wrap should keep you mobile, but we need to get you to a med center as soon as possible," she said, although the words were nearly drowned out with a small pinch on his neck and a sudden warmth flowing through his body. The pain was gone.

"That was some good stuff, doc. You're good, where did you get trained?" he asked her. With down time now, they had nothing better to do until he worked up the will to get back up. He had made sure he was the last person she saw to, and since he had already checked and ensured that the air was still working, thus ruling out the threat of suffocation, he could relax /and calmly think about their situation. He instinctively reached for a pack of smokes while the medic wasn't looking, but looked over at the now sleeping Senator Thanatos, the medic having put her to sleep, and resisted his urge to smoke for the sake of her baby.

"It's funny you call me, doc. I grew up in the Outer Rim. Was the top of my class in secondary, and having grown up around a horrible medical situation, he I wanted to become a doctor. Not settling for the third-rate education I would receive within my means on my world, or several Outer Rim worlds for that matter, I opted for the best. I was able to pull off a full-ride scholarship to the University of Coruscant, where I was able to get my doctorate. After my Masters and Doctorate courses, however, I was riddled with debt. When I returned to the Outer Rim, no one would hire me as a physician, because they felt they would have to pay me too much being Core World trained. I spent my last few credits returning to the Core Worlds and looking for a job, only to be turned away due to being from the Outer Rim. I was broke and ended up walking into a recruitment center, and here I am."

"And we think ourselves above such prejudice..." he murmured with a stifled laugh. She smiled at him, nodded, and then handed him a protein bar from an MRE pack. He took it with a thank you, and bit into what was the first thing he had eaten in twelve hours. It was rather bland but did the job and fought off the feelings of hunger that were creeping up on him now that his body was somewhat settled down.

Major Orion "Reaper" Karath
Imperial Army
Special Actions Group

Hero of the Empire
Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » A Galaxy At War » The Galaxy » Immediate Action (The Droid Revolution)
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