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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » A Galaxy At War » The Galaxy » The Week's News on Brentaal and Beyond (Stark Stock Stabilizes, Class Z Yacht, "XQ-O," and more.)
The Week's News on Brentaal and Beyond
Brentaal_Trade_NewsDate: Tuesday, 12 Feb 2013, 9:59 AM | Message # 1
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Good News and Bad for Stark Conglomerate: Posts Year-to-Date Loss as Share Price Stabilizes

KELM—The Lorrd system-headquartered Stark Defense Conglomerate, comprising several defense and medical technologies companies, posted a significant year-to-date loss at the end of the last quarter, reflecting a turbulent few months for the Conglomerate in the wake of a recent Tionese war on the planet Lorrd, which embroiled the Stark Conglomerate's CEO in controversy and saw the Conglomerate's share price tumble and one of the Conglomerate's subsidiaries—GTU, Inc.—file for a demerger. The Brentaal Better Business Bureau (BBBB) is reported to be investigating whether, during the war, CEO Alyn Stark used his position to induce Stark Conglomerate subsidiaries Vigilance Technologies, Inc. and GTU, Inc. to sell products to Lorrd's government at preferential rates with the government waiving applicable taxes in return. Word of the BBBB's investigation, which is ongoing, contributed to the fall in the Stark Conglomerate's share price.

However, in potential good news for the Stark Conglomerate, its share price appears to have stabilized after months of continuous decline, as the sale of 3,000 moisture vaporators to the planet Sernpidal was seen by investors as a much-needed sign of life in the company. "The worst is probably over," explained Trade News analyst Lars Tanfelt, "The war shook investor confidence in the Conglomerate, but the war is over. With [GTU, Inc.] gone, the share price isn't ever going to be worth what it was this time last year, but at least the good news for Stark is he's not sinking anymore."

Newly-independent GTU, Inc., meanwhile, saw its share price nearly double as its demerger from the Stark Defense Conglomerate was welcomed by investors. GTU, Inc. stock is sure to be watched closely by other Stark Conglomerate subsidiaries as they await the result of the Brentaal Better Business Bureau's investigation.

Magrath Racing Yacht Popular Among Outer Rim Jet-Setters

JAEMUS—The two-seater Class Z Racing Yacht from Magrath Shipwrights has proven fashionable among the jet-setting elite of the Outer Rim, driving a strong showing for the independent Jaemus-based company in this week's trading. Praised both for its style and sturdy construction, the Class Z yacht—more a space skiff than a proper "yacht"—has found a profitable niche among predominantly young, provincial nobility, who employ the ship's speedy hyperdrive to travel the vast distances from one social event to another on the Outer Rim. It has also become an increasingly common sight at yacht races as far Coreward as the Colonies.

"A lack of customization options is a concern among some consumers," said Lars Tanfelt, analyst for the Brentaal Trade News, "But the most common complaint I'm hearing about the Class Z is that the color scheme is 'boring.' And sure, it may be black and white, but it has Magrath Shipwrights seeing lots of green."

Bengel Shipbuilders "XQ-O" Most Anticipated Space Defense Platform of the Year

ORD THODEN—Dynali Sector-based Bengel Shipbuilders' announcement this week of an "XQ-O" space defense platform has buyers eagerly-awaiting its release. Billed as "cheap, adaptable, rugged, not badly armed," and a more affordable alternative to the Golan-series platforms from Golan Arms and the Sluis Van Shipyard's Calix-class space stations, the "XQ-O" is expected to be Bengel Shipbuilders' top-seller this year.

The station will be armed with a half-dozen turbolaser batteries and as many laser cannons, as well as an automated tractor beam array to guide vessels into its three hangars, each capable of accommodating a squadron of fighter-sized craft. Bengel Shipbuilders announced that the "XQ-O" is the prototype of a planned "XQ-series" of defense platforms.

In Other News

Rothana stock rallied late in trading today on rumors of a large sale in the works of Rothana Corvettes and Destroyers to the planet Anaxes, erasing a modest decline from early this quarter as a result of disappointing sales of the Rothana Anti-Drone Destroyer.

The Tion Cluster-based Trade Organization of the Outer Rim has secured trade agreements with worlds of the Tarabba, Mayagil, and Danjar Sectors establishing space stations to accommodate a higher volume of trade with the Cronese Mandate after the Mandate dropped its demand for exclusive trading rights.

The Society for the Improvement of the Outer Rim has issued a statement warning Strass Thisst, the "Khedive" or ruler of the Sluissi people, not proceed with rumored plans to fortify the planet Sluis Van with a network of space defense platforms. "These funds should be spent instead on creating opportunities for the poor in the Sluis Sector," the statement reads.

In an effort to prevent a hit to its stock price in tomorrow's trading, the Brentaal-based Rim Trading Company, or "RimCo," has denied rumors that it is in secret talks to sell the company to the Empire.

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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » A Galaxy At War » The Galaxy » The Week's News on Brentaal and Beyond (Stark Stock Stabilizes, Class Z Yacht, "XQ-O," and more.)
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