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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » A Galaxy At War » The Galaxy » The Wayward Sheep
The Wayward Sheep
Alyn_StarkDate: Wednesday, 20 Feb 2013, 7:02 AM | Message # 1
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"Something must be done about this," Stark mused as he sipped from a small decanter of wine in one of the varied smaller guest rooms. It was a cold season on Lorrd, and Castle Stark was open to the elements. Ana, quite pregnant now, was happily asleep in the master bedroom, but several floors below, Stark was thinking. "This demerger is going to make the other companies try to start thinking twice. Granted, GTU can break away from SDC, but it is still owned by Vigilance Technologies, and that still keeps me as a majority shareholder. Nonetheless... A change of management is needed to bring them directly back. There were a number of junior executives who fought to remain with us. Perhaps new air would be beneficial."

The man to whom Stark spoke sat across from him in a rigid posture with his hands on his thighs. Gadrid Morthol never relaxed, so Stark thought. Silent as he was, Stark knew he was considering every word. "I have informed the current primary board that I want a meeting to discuss the possibility of selling my stock. You are going to make sure that doesn't happen. Do what you have to do." The shadow assassin gave a brief nod and straightened out of the chair in one smooth movement, crossing to the room and departing as soundlessly as he had entered, leaving Stark alone in the dim glow of the firelight.

Added (16 Feb 2013, 8:45 PM)
It was the day before the meeting. Gadrid Morthol lay on his side in a semi-darkened cargo hold aboard a Baudo-class yacht that, from the sound of its drive, was currently in hyperspace. It hadn't been an easy task to get to Corellia unnoticed, nor had it been easy to slip along the world completely shrouded. Nonetheless, Morthol had slipped in along with a small shipment of a dozen Hover Cam drones that were delivered via freighter.

Once on the world, Gadrid easily located the craft the board members would be utilizing; it was a company ship after all and ironically enough, had been a gift from Stark to the collective board members when they joined him. Sneaking aboard was the next logical step. His abilities kept him safe from both sight and notice and now, he waited for his moment to act. It would be before the ship dropped out of hyperspace at Imperial Center.

Added (18 Feb 2013, 6:58 PM)
With a satisfied sigh, Gadrid examined the controls before him. The yacht would be easily enough diverted along its route. Moving slightly, the assassin stepped over the outstretched hand on the floor, taking the pilot's seat. The pilot was a still form on the floor, crumpled before he had ever known what had killed him. Likewise, scattered though the yacht were the eight bodies of the former directors of GTU. They hadn't been made to suffer and as such, had been dispatched with efficiency and speed.

Dropping the ship out of hyperspace in deep space, Gadrid plotted a new course before leaning back and relaxing. With the ship in hyperspace to Nar Shaddaa, he would be back on Lorrd before long and the obstacle at hand would have been dealt with.

Added (20 Feb 2013, 7:02 AM)
Nar Shaddaa was crowded as ever, which was a plus for Gadrid as he maneuvered the yacht into one of the orbiting lanes set aside for craft waiting to either shuttle people planetside or park for an extended stay, so to speak. Within a few minutes, a nondescript freighter with no active IFF docked with the vessel. The freighter pilot, a small Blackfire eyes-and-ears informant, had simply been instructed to dock and take on a single passenger whose face he would never see before continuing on his rounds.

When the freighter entered hyperspace a few minutes later, Gadrid relaxed fully. The yacht wouldn't last overly long; the assassin had rigged the reactor to a timed overload and sealed off the controls and airlock access. In the next ten minutes or so, Nar Shaddaa would have a small explosion above it that would never make any news, and in a day or three, after changing ships a number of times, Gadrid would return to Lorrd with none the wiser, leaving Stark able to bring GTU back into the fold.

Alyn Stark
Lord of Kinyov
Senior Captain, Retired, Republic Navy
Head of House Malos (former)
Licensed bounty hunter
Majority shareholder, Lorrd Engineering
Owner, Stark Defense Conglomerate
Civilian Medal of Honor recipient
Representative, Lorrd (10 BBY-9 BBY)
Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » A Galaxy At War » The Galaxy » The Wayward Sheep
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