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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » A Galaxy At War » The Galaxy » Step 2: Azterri
Step 2: Azterri
Michael_DanesDate: Monday, 18 Feb 2013, 8:30 AM | Message # 1
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A single Theta-class transport shuttle would emerge out of hyperspace, this time heading toward the surface of Azterri. He knew it was a haven for galactic-class criminals. The terrorist could offer them salvation and hope of striking fear and chaos into the Empire. In order for recruitment to meet the quota on Azterri, he would have to be convincing. Nene knows just the thing on how to convince even the hardest criminal on the planet. The shuttle would land after a few minutes of flying toward a local docking bay, specifically bay number six. Exiting out of the vessel would be Nene with six terrorists escorting him, all wearing battle armors and A280 blaster rifles.

Everything was set in place. Nobody on the planet would know what had hit them. The seven militiamen, including Nene himself, would eventually get out of the dockin bay and headed for a local cantina. As soon as they approaches the front of the cantina, he took a comlink and a malicious tone would be heard. "Turn the power off." The terrorist gave the order, as Nene would be the first one to enter the darkened Cantina. Quietly, every militiamen would enter the Cantina...forming a line-up. Ten seconds passed before the power would be back on, the patrons inside the Cantina would see Nene and six other militiamen wielding the A280 blaster rifles forming a line. The leader casually moved forward, noticing that the HoloTelevision had gone black. That made the man grin slightly inside the partially-covered mask.

A malicious tone would once again be heard, "The Empire has plagued us all, and are not fit to run the galaxy. They have left you all to rot. I am here to offer you all hope. If you join, you will get a chance to see us bring the Empire to its knees. Here's a demonstration of proof the Empire can be brought down on a small scale." The man, evil indirectly caused by the Empire, would order for the HoloTelevision to be turned back on. The pitch-black screens would suddenly disappeared, as the broadcast of a couple of scouttroopers riding on speeder bikes would be seen. The pair would be traveling across the plains. Indeed, Nene had "hired" a slicer to hack into the local satellite just for a few seconds. That was all the terrorists needed.

Three seconds had passed when one of the speeder bikes would explode, sending one of the scouttroopers into flames. The second scouttrooper would be sent off the flipped-over bike, flying onto the ground. Whether the second scouttrooper were alive or not, he didn't care. Nene was merely trying to prove a point. The criminal patrons could see what had happened. One of the terrorists had rigged one of the speeder bikes to explode once the scouttroopers were sent out on their routine patrols. Nene chuckled evilly, and turned his gaze toward the audience. All of sudden, the HoloTelevision went pitch black for a couple of seconds before the regular channels would resume.

"You see, the Empire can be defeated. WHO WILL JOIN US?!" His voice would heighten, showing that he was serious and not to be trifled with.

Added (18 Feb 2013, 8:30 AM)
The patrons were taken off-guard by Nene's notion. They were mostly hardened criminals, but they would never willingly show the killing of Imperial soldiers so openly. That showed how serious Nene was, or crazy. Maybe he was a little bit of both. Perhaps it was because he was born and raised in prison by his parents until he managed to break out. Some would not say anything at all, out of fear they might draw attention of the Empire. Some did not care, which was usually the younger criminals. Those that were eager to join were sick of the filthy lives they were led, and wanted to be a part of something big. Besides, not even the Hutts would have "cared" for offering them hope and salvation. The terrorist would not say anything until a criminal would slowly crept up to him, interested about joining. That's when, one by one, criminals slowly would flock to him. It wasn't that much of a flock, a mere fifteen had decided to join up. 

He didn't worry about Atzerri closing their docking bays up. It would take the Imperial authorities some time to discover that someone had deliberately program one of the speeder bikes to overload. He decided it was time to leave the planet, giving every prospect a secret set of coordinates to their training camp. By then, the terrorist and his bodyguards would casually move out of the Cantina and headed for the docking bay. Before long, they had left the planet way before the Imperial authorities would begin investigating the source of the deliberate bombing. Thins were looking up for Nene and his terrorists. However, he felt he needed to make one more stop for a recruitment drive before executing what he had longed for: Instilling total chaos within the Empire.

~Michael Danes, Former Alpha Blue Operative
Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » A Galaxy At War » The Galaxy » Step 2: Azterri
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