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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » A Galaxy At War » The Galaxy » Some things will never change
Some things will never change
Ana_StarkDate: Tuesday, 19 Feb 2013, 5:19 PM | Message # 1
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The sudden influx of wealth when Ana had married Alyn Stark hadn't changed her a bit.  Having a mess of servants and handmaids and guards hadn't either.  Living in a castle, a veritable fortress as it were, had done nothing more than gotten her lost in a long forgotten hallway a time or two.  Having access to her own personal ship (which she wasn't allowed to, nor did she want to fly on her own), and the Viridian Sky had just made Ana realize how much she loved the sleek simplicity of the Naboo starships that she had traveled in so often with Artemis Vanden. 

No, nothing had changed.  Ana was still the same headstrong, free-spirited girl.  She enjoyed art and music, cooking for her family (which right then only consisted of Alyn), and generally taking care of things herself.  That included doing laundry, and who liked doing laundry? There had been more than one occasion in which Mrs. Miteya had found her in the laundry room, washing and folding baby clothes or bedding.  All chores that Ana had wanted to do herself, she had gotten griped at over, and ended up taking a stand and doing it herself anyway.  The long and short of it was that Mrs. Miteya was a fusser.  She liked to fuss and she wanted Ana to just allow herself to be taken care of.  It made their relationship difficult to say the least.

The day that Ana and Ina were caught painting the playroom by themselves had not been pretty.  The sheer shrill volume of fussing that Mrs. Miteya did brought Irlilia running, followed closely by Tarin, then Gadrid, and finally Alyn.  At least Alyn Stark had found it amusing that the girls were covered in flecks and splatters of different colored paints as they painted beautiful and sprawling murals of the Naboo Lake Country on the playroom walls.  She had given in and let Alyn hire someone to do a nursery, with the stipulation that she would at least get to put the finishing touches on it herself.  The playroom was her own jurisdiction, however. 

Time had moved fast over the past 6 months for the new Mrs. Stark.  She worked with the charities, Galactic Aid, and spent time preparing for their son.  Towards the end of her pregnancy, however, she did let Mrs. Miteyea help her on the days she did not feel well enough to do too much, or was too tired.  Still, she tried and did everything that she could on her own, and would continue to do so from there on out.
Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » A Galaxy At War » The Galaxy » Some things will never change
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