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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » A Galaxy At War » The Galaxy » Tssk Tssk (Inquisitor Cale Visits Trandosha)
Tssk Tssk
Inquisitor_CaleDate: Thursday, 14 Mar 2013, 1:04 AM | Message # 1
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Cale took a moment to consider Trandosha as the planet loomed large in the viewport of his Sentinel-class landing craft. Green, but not verdant. A sickly color, it occurred to him. It did nothing to enthuse Cale for the task ahead—a task that he'd come to regret when he learned that Trandosha was considerably farther out of his way than he'd originally thought. He also had a distaste for alien species, but he had to confess to a certain admiration for the Trandoshans. He supposed there was something reptilian in himself, too.

He maintained a contemplative silence as his Imperial pilots handled the landing procedure. Imperial Center had informed the Trandoshan war chief, Tssk, of Cale's visit. He should be expected. As the C-shape of a Lucrehulk-class freighter appeared in the distance, appearing rather ghostly over the night-side of the planet below, it occurred to Cale that this was one of the last things Mr. Alyn Stark had seen. Cale didn't know much about Stark—nor did he care to—but Tssk was a valued, if perhaps not entirely trusted ally of the Empire. If Tssk claimed that Stark traveled in the company of a Jedi, it was worth looking into.

Either way, he hoped this wouldn't take long. Cale had Baltimn on his itinerary also, if only tentatively so. He missed his homeworld, but he wasn't about to lose DeQora, Farris, and Varitek on account of his sentimentality. Lord Vader took a rather dim view of such things.

Inquisitor Finius Cale
Landgrave of the Baltimn and Sigil Systems
TsskDate: Tuesday, 19 Mar 2013, 12:02 PM | Message # 2
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In the space next to the Lucrehulk a Munificent-class and it's assorted escorts gently moved in circuits, just in their regular daily schedule to keep their working parts and crews prepared for action. A pair of fighters on picket near the jump point would approach the ship Cale was on, inspecting it's transponder as they zipped past, after firing a comms signal for the ship to identify, then reported the message back to the Lucrehulk it was an Imperial vessel approaching.

A Corellian voice came across the communicator, the Trandoshans often had duty humans as comms officers on the bridge of the Lucrehulk, the Trandoshans found basic notoriously difficult and other species often found their hissing accent disconcerting, so being a sensible businessman, Tssk had hired some human comms officers to welcome customers etc. The right hangar bay opened up as he spoke "Imperial Landing Craft this is Trandoshan Port Control, hangar right opened for your landing vector, please feel free to land in VIP Landing Pad 1." the Imperial officials were being treated with a high degree of respect, the VIP landing pad was in the wall of the hangar rather than in the hangar itself, allowing Cale to discretely enter the ship rather than walking through the bustling market and ship landing area below.


War Chief of Trandosha
Brood Chief of the Red Skull Clan
Bounty Hunter (Guild Member)
Noted Hunter of Wookiees
"Aoacwo coaoohurcrrwo ooww orraoaacahrcacoo" - "The Scourge of Kachirho"
Argus_MyjectorDate: Tuesday, 19 Mar 2013, 12:05 PM | Message # 3
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Justice Myjector was dealing with the sentencing of some Wookiees to lifetime slavery for vagrancy in an impromptu courtroom built outside the slave prison-town aboard when he saw the hangar door slide open and his earbud notified him Imperial officials were arriving. He gestured to his Clerk "Guilty, sentence of lifetime servitude. Court adjourned." before heading from the hangar through the scanners to the secure area of the ship, taking the transit system to Tssk's Throne room.

The Honourable Argus Myjector
Imperial Justice for the Kashyyyk System
Branded by Wookiee Media "Enslaver Myjector"
Owner of Jonex Mining Company Ltd. used mostly for tax avoidance.
Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » A Galaxy At War » The Galaxy » Tssk Tssk (Inquisitor Cale Visits Trandosha)
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