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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » A Galaxy At War » The Galaxy » Visiting home (Davon/Artemis)
Visiting home
Ana_StarkDate: Friday, 22 Mar 2013, 4:24 AM | Message # 1
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Ana had almost forgotten how beautiful Naboo was; She had forgotten its warmth and fragrant breezes, it's beauty and its peace. It had been months since the memorial, and months since Jackson was born, and Ana decided (with a little help), that perhaps a visit home would do her good. Of course, Lorrd was her home, but Naboo would always be the first place she would go. Perhaps the only place she would go when she needed comfort. Her friends were there; the family that she chose herself. 

Of course, it probably would have been prudent for her to let them know she was coming first, but it was the last thing on her mind. Artemis had always said she would always have a home there, and at the moment, she needed it more than ever. It wasn't that she had been completely lost in her misery, as she still had to be strong for Jackson, but her heart was heavy and there were still nights that she cried until she couldn't anymore and she collapsed into a restless, nightmare riddled sleep. There were days, however, where she could barely look at Jackson without feeling like she was going to die, because he looked so much like his father. 

The young woman stepped up to the door of the house that she had lived in for so many years and reached for the doorknob, but then realized it wasn't actually her house anymore. Instead, she rang the bell. In the meantime, she sat Jackson's carseat on the porch and knelt down to tuck his blanket around him carefully. He was relatively small for his age, having been born nearly four weeks early, but he was still perfect and she couldn't have loved him any more than she did; and she hoped Artemis would also.
Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » A Galaxy At War » The Galaxy » Visiting home (Davon/Artemis)
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