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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » A Galaxy At War » The Galaxy » Catching up with Imperial Center (Getting Ava back into the game)
Catching up with Imperial Center
Avadrie_volFyrDate: Friday, 29 Mar 2013, 5:09 AM | Message # 1
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She stood on the just behind the cockpit of the diplomatically marked Star Petal, her personal vessel granted her by the Tetan Crown. She wore a simple bare back blue dress, her hair was up in a loose ponytail and it seemed like she had been away from the hub of all the galaxy for what felt like years. As always, her presence had been required back on Empress Teta due to the intrigues of the Crown, the good king Leonard. Her aides had been transmitting her votes in the Senate for the last several months, which had generally been in line with those of a loyalist Imperial Senator, but by the fates it felt good to be back within the orbit of Imperial Center.

As odd as it may seem, she felt that things were simpler on Imperial Center. King Leonard's health was beginning to fail, despite all modern medicine. It had got him thinking about succession, and his sons were thinking about it as well. Prince Raphael, an old lover of hers had been making sounds about taking the crown for himself again, the Crown Prince hadn't taken to kindly to that and for months it had seemed as if the Royal family might spontaneously erupt into a ball of flame (and daggers). 

It had taken all of her political guile, feminine wiles and..dark talents to keep the peace within her sector. Her torrid relationship with the Imperial Center Moff Brandt had perhaps allowed her to exact more pressure on the royals to accept her directions on the matter of the current political structure than she might have otherwise, but that too had come at a price. The good Moff was considerably richer now that he been awarded a significant stake in the nationalized carbonite industry of Empress Teta (officially it was a mere 5% stake, in truth through shell corporations and deftly arranged imaginary stakeholders, it was closer to 20%, which was essentially a new fortune all its own for the Moff).

There was another fear lurking in the back of Avadrie's mind, however. She had used her talents liberally on Empress Teta to manipulate and cajole those around her. Madam Pencron had warned her of what happened to those with her gifts that came to the attention of the the attention of Lord Vader, and everyone knew what had happened to the once illustrious Jedi Order. So the young witch was returning to Imperial Center with a nest of unease welling deep inside her, because perhaps it would soon be time to either fight for the Tetan Crown and Empire she so deeply felt her right, or to hide so far from all the lights of the Imperial machine that they would never be able to find her.

She had been having dreams as of late, that she wasn't sure if they were the future, or hints about what steps to take moving forward, or if they were just nightmares. She knew she would have to continue to cultivate her relationship with Moff Brandt, as him holding an interest might provide some protection from an inquisition were one to come..or maybe it wouldn't. She wouldn't describe their relationship as anything but wrapped in lust and the search for greater wealth and power. She was like an exotic animal in a rich man's menagerie. 

She would need new allies. Certainly, she expected to have new enemies.

Lady Avadrie volFyr
Senator of Empress Teta
Defense Committee Member
Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » A Galaxy At War » The Galaxy » Catching up with Imperial Center (Getting Ava back into the game)
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