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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » A Galaxy At War » The Galaxy » The Application of One's Duties
The Application of One's Duties
Eliphas_CaleDate: Saturday, 06 Apr 2013, 1:04 PM | Message # 1
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Eliphas Cale had settled into Dantooine nicely, or so he thought. Cale, his body servant, his adjutant, the four security men he'd brought with him and the 2nd Lieutenant, a man named Joseph Burns, were all quartered in Cale's residence which was a little more full than he would have liked with that many people, but they managed to get along nicely. The stormtrooper squad, along with the army engineering and infantry squad, had been temporarily billeted with the Dantooine militia in Garang until prefabricated barracks could be either brought in or a small barracks erected. Likewise, the pair of AT-PT walkers assigned to his element were kept in a nearby motor pool. The Sector Ranger element under his control, along with their solitary Toscan 8-Q, were billeted close to the Garang Spaceport where they'd be able to respond quickly to any incidents.

Cale had been in contact with the five civilian administrators working with him on Dantooine to organize the transport and construction vehicles necessary; a quartet of hover trucks and a pair each of excavators, bulldozers and binary loadlifters. With all the items requisitioned, Cale had then gone to check on the last portion of his crew. A senior corrections officer and three corrections guards watched over fifty convicts who were intended to put together the garrison base wanted by Ribaldequin. Today, Cale was putting together the basic crew necessary to check out the site.

His personal craft, the Greenwatch, had been repainted an Imperial gray, marked with the cog as well so that it could be utilized as an official craft for his purposes as well as for his own personal uses.

Added (06 Apr 2013, 1:04 PM)
A small shade covered Cale as he gazed out over the grass, sipping a cool drink to ward off the heat of the rather warm Dantooine day. Ground was being broken for the small outpost, located somewhat between the large lake to the east and Rielig Courthouse to the west. The location itself placed it just inside the border of the Greater Khoonda Province and the Rielig Steppes Province, and Cale was quite satisfied with the result. Turning slightly, Cale addressed the IDC Senior Guard, a man by the name of Timothy Graves; "So you believe the prisoners capable and willing to not only operate the machinery, but to build this facility well?"

Graves chuckled and gestured towards the three IDC guardsmen who were diligently watching over the fifty convicts who were, by turns, either operating the pair of bulldozers or excavators while the binary loadlifters; none too smart, were watched over by another convict who was ordering their movement of items that would help to build the foundation and walls. Those not gainfully employed in such a manner were utilizing more common hand-held tools to work on the ground. "Where would they go, Prefect? These men aren't rotting in a jail cell as they should be and so most are glad to be out in the open air, despite the work. I would have felt better, though, if you'd brought along some of those stormtroopers you have, or perhaps a few of the army fellows. Fifty men is a lot for only three to keep an eye on, blasters or not."

Waving a hand negligently, Cale took another sip. "Not to worry, not to worry. The hovertruck I sent back will be retrieving a squad of engineers to assist with this task. I suspect we'll be spending a good week or so out here, so I requisitioned some tents and the like. I won't be staying the full time, of course, but I'll see that Lieutenant Burns allocates some of the infantry to help you keep order. I don't see any of these men causing a major problem. Aside from the odd bandit, Dantooine is a farm world. Peaceful. Quiet. Mind you, I don't trust that Hutt they have; I may need to pay him a visit to ensure he's not dabbling in criminal issues."

"A good call, Prefect," the Senior Guard agreed. "One can't trust the Hutts too much or they'll take your arm... and a leg more than likely, before gobbling the rest of you down."

Cale chuckled again at the image and shook his head. "It's of no matter. All things in good time. If nothing else, though, my personal security should help you keep an eye on any uppity convicts. Just let me know if any of them act out and I shall make sure it doesn't happen twice."

Lord of the Western Hills- Baltimn
The Flayer
Prefect of Dantooine
Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » A Galaxy At War » The Galaxy » The Application of One's Duties
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