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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » A Galaxy At War » The Galaxy » Touring the Sluis Sector
Touring the Sluis Sector
Strass_ThisstDate: Saturday, 06 Apr 2013, 2:02 PM | Message # 1
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Letting out a very Human-like sigh, Strass Thisst looked over his agenda for his annual tour of the Sluis Sector. A number of worlds needed to be paid a visit through his two-week tour: Canoliss IV, Kalab, Malo VI, Kerest, Denab, Bpfassh, Almar and Agora among them, as well as conducting the bi-annual sweep of the Dagobah System for pirate and raider bases. It promised to be a very busy time period for Thisst, who was also in the process of working to create additional jobs within the Sluis Sector to expand the economy. The recent quiet within the Senate had allowed him time to operate proactively in a number of works, to include bolstering the defenses of Sluis Van and ensuring the well being of the Sluis Sector as a whole.

Utilizing as he was the CR90 Marlin, Thisst felt right at home on board the swift little corvette, whose not-overly-spacious quarters still allowed him to attend to paperwork. While not seeing an overt need for large escorts, for there had been little pirate or raider activity since the attack at Praesitlyn, Thisst had still given in to Senator Domon's request that some form of escort be brought and as such, a squadron of Arsix-class fighters flew alongside the CR90, as well as a pair of YE-4 gunships as a true escort.

Added (06 Apr 2013, 2:02 PM)
A week of monotony had come and gone, and Thisst was running a bit behind schedule. The Cannolites of Canoliss IV were wanting more integration with Sluis Sector teaching; a greater part in the universities to be able to represent greater galactic mathematics. Thisst had had strict words for the governor of Kalab to crack down on smuggling activity on Kalab, which was reaching record heights and therefore, was an issue to the Sluis Sector. Malo IV had been the first world that had presented no issues to the Khedive; instead reporting an overall content rating with things and the sector leadership as well. Kerest had been the latest stop. While not going down to the planet itself, a small delegation of Kerestian leaders had come aboard Thisst's vessel. While there was little Thisst could do for Kerest with its planetary issues, he had been able to promise more support for the Kerestian people from Sluis Van, which had been adequate for the leadership.

Now, on a course for Denab, Thisst had sent his protective squadron of fighters ahead, keeping only one YE-4 gunship with his corvette as an escort as he prepared for the next visit.

Khedive, Sluis Sector
Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » A Galaxy At War » The Galaxy » Touring the Sluis Sector
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