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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » A Galaxy At War » The Galaxy » This Week in the Kanz Sector
This Week in the Kanz Sector
Kanz_Sector_NewsDate: Sunday, 31 Mar 2013, 5:21 PM | Message # 1
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Alyn Stark 'Dead at Trandosha'

QATAMER- The report of Alyn Stark, Lord of the Kinyov Province and owner of the expansive Stark Defense Conglomerate, is presumed dead at Trandosha. In a bizarre turn of events, Trandoshan eyewitnesses stated that Lord Stark executed an unprovoked attack on War Chief Tssk of Trandosha for no apparent reason. Stark, along with one bodyguard identified later by associates of Lord Stark to be Gadrid Morthol, were mortally injured on the War Chief's orbital station. Despite the varied views on Lord Stark himself, the planet is, by and large, in a state of mourning and none more so than the locals of the Kinyov Province.

"Steps have been taken by the Ruling Houses," Senator Lekpin stated in a press release, "To ensure that a new ruler is chosen for the Kinyov Province; a regent, if you will, until the birth and coming of age of Lord Stark's son, Jackson Riley Stark." Briefly, this was under question in a will put forth by War Chief Tssk which was later stated as invalid due to irregularities. However, despite control of the Stark Defense Conglomerate falling to Jendos Merced of House Malos, pressure from the Lorrdian government in their debt to Ralltiir has resulted in sales of of the Stark Defense Conglomerate shares and a breakdown of the company into its original components. While this is said to be good news to some of the companies, Brissalon Chemical Consolidated, Kelvarex Consolidated Arms and Bacnor Armaments, other companies that were part of the conglomerate, namely GTU, Prax Arms and Synthtech Medtech Corporation have expressed displeasure with the split, while Palandrix Personal Protection Gear and Pacnorval Defense Systems, Limited, both subcontractors to the Stark Defense Conglomerate, are upset over breaches of contract with the company.

"The sales of stock and the splitting of the Stark Defense Conglomerate will go a large way towards repaying the majority of our debt," Senator Lekpin said in his address as well. "Despite the loss of Lord Stark, he has continued to find a way to help Lorrd, even in his passing."

Failed Coup on Argazda Leads to New Leadership

ARGAZDA CITY- A coup attempt by Kur'kis S'nar, Ambassador of Argazda and first cousin to now-deceased Prime Minister J'cep S'nar has left both men dead, sources on Argazda say. The newly elected Prime Minister, K'osim V'ratis, has already made progress reforming the former S'nar administration in recent days. "It would seem that former Prime Minister S'nar was conducting some unsavory deals with the Trandoshans. Unfortunately, the man who knew most about the operations S'nar was conducting was his own cousin, Kur'kis. While it is unclear as to whether or not J'cep S'nar was dealing with the current Trandoshan administration or the former, I can assure you two things: that this conspiracy will be solved and that, for the time being, no blame will be laid upon the current Trandoshan War Chief, Tssk." This statement was issued by the new Prime Minister at the time of his election.
Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » A Galaxy At War » The Galaxy » This Week in the Kanz Sector
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