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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » A Galaxy At War » The Galaxy » A Knife to the Hand (Flashback)
A Knife to the Hand
RkhakhDate: Thursday, 04 Apr 2013, 1:43 AM | Message # 1
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Jedi Temple, Coruscant
22 BBY
Eight days after the Battle of Geonosis

If there was a standard for the living standards of the Jedi, then R'khakh's quarters in the Jedi Temple were proof of there being an even more spartan existence than his peers. Other than the pillow at the head of the slab bed, two other, firmer and larger, pillows were laid on the ground for meditation and sitting. Otherwise, a simple tapestry bearing his clan's symbol was on the wall across from his bed. Only one window was in the room, and the two meditation/sitting pillow were placed at the window and underneath the tapestry. The sun was still shining directly into his quarters, and thus he had the window opened, bathing him in warmth; as he was meditating by the window.

Geonosis, after the first battle, he never wanted to return to the planet. Little did he know he would be there mere days later, yet again. While his complex, and somewhat confusing in the personnel makeup, mission with Noble Team was accomplished; three days later he finally had the sand out of his robes and off his body. While his planet had its deserts, he was raised in the rainforests, and prefered such. As he meditated, he tried to think of anything but Geonosis; primarily focusing on his homeworld. He had been having regular visions since Geonosis of a dark shadow enveloping Honoghr. It was still too early to warn his people on such matters; his identity as a Jedi was still unknown to them and he was yet to accurately assess what the reaction to such a revelation would be. He was attempting to find the threat on his own, through speaking and listening to the Force.

Over the past week he was still unable to find anything but a general feeling that led him to the Separatists. This alone gave him the conviction to believe that the Clone Wars, and the steps being taken, were the right course of action. He had heard murmurs of dissent in the halls of the Jedi Temple, there were several Jedi who disagreed with their becoming military officers. Perhaps it was his species, or maybe his Master, but he was embracing the role. In his free time he had dedicated himself to studying the classical and ancient texts on general warfare, and where possible he spoke to as many of the birth-born officers that were here to set up Jedi Command about tactics and strategy.

Once the sun no longer bathed him, he rose from his meditation, and silently strode out of his quarters and into the hallway. The early evening was one of the quieter periods of the day in the hallways. It allowed him a near encounter-less walk up to the High Council Tower. It was not an intended act, merely coincidental. It did, however, have the benefit of keeping his mind focused on what he was about to be ordered to do.

Once the turbolift doors opened up into the circular hallway around the chambers, he could see that there was only one individual in the chambers. He entered, seeing Master Saesee Tiin, to whom he bowed. "Jedi R'khakh, welcome." He rose and joined the Jedi Master at the viewport which overlooked the city. "Thank you, Master Tiin," he spoke to him. He always found Master Tiin welcoming, and this moment was no different as they casually spoke while standing in the middle of the High Council Chambers.

"You seem troubled, R'khakh," spoke Master Tiin. He stood in contemplative silence, his hands folded into the sleeves of his brown cloak that he had put on before leaving his quarters. His hood was not up, so it did not take any application of the Force to see something was bothering him. "Yes, master... it is... merely visions of the future. While my training tells me that it is only a possibility, not an absolute; I can not help but be overcome by the seeming certainty of it." He took in the last bit of the sunset behind the Coruscant skyline, in contemplation of his thoughts. "I know such feelings well. You must not let yourself be overcome by such emotions, and learn to accept the future for what it is."

After a moment, he motioned with his head to the entrance to the other side of the room. "Come with me," he spoke as he walked away. He followed the Iktotchi Jedi Master to the newly built turbolift, which led down to the Operations Planning Center. He only knew of its existence due to his assignment as part of the security detail to the High Council Tower during its installation. Into the secret room they went, and soon, his eyes were filled by a display of the galaxy, which had various points highlighted in various shades. One of the ones highlighted in yellow was brought into full view once they reached the display.

"With the war now underway, we must move on the Separatist's holdings and deprive them of  the resources needed to support their war effort. One such world is Atraken, which is the base of heavy mining activity focused on Doonium. Losing this world would be a massive blow to the Separatist ability to build new warships to use against us in their future operations."

At this point the holoprojection magnified to Atraken itself. "While a full droid army is on the surface, the planet itself is defended by only a group of Diamond-class Cruisers. You will meet up with the Acclamator-class Assault Ship Arrestor, under the command of Captain Talbot. You will command the 275th Legion with CC-5965. Aboard you will also have the 509th Legion under Jedi Krenis Saar and CC-0777 and the misleadingly named 44th Division under Major Nick Rostu."

After a moment, images of the Diamond Cruisers and the Arrestor were shown. A second Acclamator Assault Ship also appeared. "You will enter the system head on, with the Galactic Guardian in support. The Guardian is a carrier variant, which will provide you with ample fighter coverage in your operations. Once obtaining a secure orbit over the planet, you will land, deploy, and take the two capitals of New Atraken City and Kattellyn City. The 33rd and 39th Legions will be aboard the Guardian. They will need armor and aerial support due to this, but their focus will be Kattellyn City. Overall command will go to you."

It took a moment for what Master Tiin had just said to sink in. "Me? Master, I...," he said, with inability to form a complete sentence in basic. "Yes, you, Jedi R'khakh. You have shown great promise in the martial arts, and after your last mission, the Council has decided to test you in leadership. Greater things may be on your horizon...," said the Iktotchi Jedi. He felt a swelling of emotion within his chest. "This is a great honor which you will not regret," he said, then transitioning to Honoghran; "Ko yi kri'msa, ji na'ka dea'kah tuo."

"Jedi R'khakh, what did that mean?" asked the Iktotchi. He looked at the grizzled face, finding an expression that likely amounted the same as a human cocking their eyebrow. "By my blood, I will not fail you," he said, and with a bow, he left the room, to head down to the hangar within the Council Tower. He approached his Delta-7, to be greeted by a warble from his astromech, R4-P16. "No, Stava, I will enter the coordinates myself," he responded to the droid. A slightly agitated response resulted. "I trust you, however I do not believe you come installed with the coordinates of every Republic ship." Slightly less agitated tones followed, which was either reluctant acceptance of the fact or annoyance that he was not, in fact, programmed with all current ships coordinates.

He launched shortly after the conclusion of their conversation, and it was a silent, and relaxing, flight through the atmosphere of Coruscant up to the hyperspace docking ring holding area. Once they had reached it and docked, he took a moment to prepare himself for his hibernation trance. Removing every thought from his mind, and lowering his bodily functions; he felt unconsciousness quickly begin to hit him, which was more akin to a coma. As he felt himself fade, he engaged the hyperdrive, sending himself leaping out into the stars. As stars turned to lines and then into the vortex of hyperspace, blackness overtook his vision and his mind, as he lost himself within his very being.

Jedi Knight R'khakh
Holy Order of the Jedi Knights
Warrior of Clan Khim'bar

Jedi General of the 89th Assault Corps
Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » A Galaxy At War » The Galaxy » A Knife to the Hand (Flashback)
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