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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » OOC (Out of Character) » Post a Request » Samnite-class "Battlecarrier" (From Rothana Heavy Engineering)
Samnite-class "Battlecarrier"
Schmuel_KadramDate: Monday, 11 Mar 2013, 11:37 AM | Message # 1
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Samnite-class Battlecruiser

(OOC: Not at all to on principle out-do Sluis Van after it found its designs copied.)

Nicknames: "Lucky 999" "Battlecarrier"
Purpose: Battlecruiser/Carrier/Aggressive Defense

Technical specifications

Length: 999m
Hyperdrive system: Class 1, Backup Class 2
Hull: Reinforced durasteel with alloy braces, bulkheads and struts.
Shielding: Equivalent to a Venator-class
Engines: 50 MGLT (30 MGLT while towing it's weapons emplacements with tractor beams)
Armament: Sixty Dual Turbolaser Turrets, Thirty Dual Ion Cannon Turrets, Sixty Tractor Beam Projectors, Ten Point Defense Laser Turrets, Linked Light Tractor Beam, Light Warhead and Quadlaser Turrets (12) (- Each carrying 20 Light Concussion Missiles in the turret, with 20 further for each available in the internal Magazine with a 5 minute reload time).
Mass "Railgun" - This device utilizes magnetic technology to add 100 MGLT to the speed of up to 12 objects passing through the two hull segments, this energy diffuses in 30 seconds but can be used to launch weapons platforms into strategic positions or boost fighters launching to full speed.
Parasite craft: 96 A-7 Hunter Interceptors of TIE Fighters
Several shuttles,
Twelve Gun/Warhead Emplacements,
Twenty-four Defender Ion Mines (Not really a mine, more a deployable auto-gun unless rammed)
Fourty Eight Gun Emplacements.

Crew: 7500, 250 Marines.

Advanced Systems
Electronic Warfare Array - Able to disable 12 Droid Starfighters/Drones a post or turn 6 under its own control.
Advanced Sensor Array - Able to designate targets for other vessels and its platforms.
Platform Tether seen on Dictator-class


This ship is the ultimate extravagance for a world wanting to attack and defend. It is able to effectively blockade a whole world alone by means of its deployable platforms, or deploy enough to destroy a number of smaller capital vessels. Feel pinned down by a corvette running rings around you? then deploy a dozen platforms to cover yourself in defense fire. Want to secure a resource? Toss a dozen defense emplacements into its vicinity. The carousel mountings on the turbolasers present mean it can only fire 1/2 of its Turbolasers at any one time, but with an increased speed.

- Platforms take one post to ready, one to launch per 12 to deploy.
- 100 MGLT launcher requires one post cooldown before reusing, may not be used in combat against other ships. Destruction of cooling vanes neutralizes system.
- Heavy weapons on the ship are stored behind shutters protecting them during transit and allowing easy repairs, the downside of which means that a post must be spent readying the weapons before they can fire (if not already deployed).
- Incredibly slow to turn if it has more than 12 platforms deployed.
- Cannot jump to hyperspace with platforms tethered, it must return or leave them.
- Expense - This vessel is currently designed only on the drawingboard and nothing like a "Showroom model" is to be produced, to build it would be an extremely expensive ship, but would provide a lavish centerpiece for any rich world or Core world expeditionary force. This keeps costs low for RHE but means it would be expensive and take at least 28 days to produce and fit out the extremely advanced ship itself.
- Heavy weapons in carousel mounts - not a downside in itself but means that not all can be brought to bear at one time (only 1/2 in a single volley), although by constant rotation a higher rate of fire and reliability can be achieved.

Schmuel Kadram
Governor of Rothana
Junior Vice President of Operations KDY

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JaronDate: Tuesday, 09 Apr 2013, 5:55 PM | Message # 2
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While I have misgivings about this powerful of a ship entering the RP, I believe there are sufficient drawbacks to it's more powerful natures that make it acceptable.


Jaron Park
Manager from June 2009 to Present, Administrator from December 2011 to Present
(pre-April 2012 posts) (post-April 2012 posts)
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Jamie_the_HuttDate: Sunday, 14 Apr 2013, 4:19 PM | Message # 3
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I honestly don't see it ever entering RP in a hurry. It'd be a one ship fleet (maybe with a couple escorts) option for those who like it perhaps but little more.
Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » OOC (Out of Character) » Post a Request » Samnite-class "Battlecarrier" (From Rothana Heavy Engineering)
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