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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » OOC (Out of Character) » Post a Request » Conversion Request
Conversion Request
Alyn_StarkDate: Friday, 29 Mar 2013, 12:32 PM | Message # 1
Group: Users
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Status: Offline
With the SDC going out of business and having its companies split off, this would leave the two-hundred personnel of the Stark Defense Conglomerate Security Corps without a real job. Acting smartly, Malinara Starey would contract and have the papers signed to convert the SDCSC to a true PMC, names Trifold Cover. In addition to their standard armaments and equipment, which include a smattering of items produced by the companies within the SDC, they would also have two X-1 dropships (a small, reasonable number), a dozen of the APCs and one each, YKL-37R Nova Courier and Brayl-class bulk freighter with upgraded armor and engines for quick transport and deployment of their small forces.

Under this new guise, along with their equipment, Trifold Cover would be able to serve as an elite PMC along the Outer Rim to assist planetary governments and private interests to gain credits to further their own ends.

Alyn Stark
Lord of Kinyov
Senior Captain, Retired, Republic Navy
Head of House Malos (former)
Licensed bounty hunter
Majority shareholder, Lorrd Engineering
Owner, Stark Defense Conglomerate
Civilian Medal of Honor recipient
Representative, Lorrd (10 BBY-9 BBY)
Jace_VaritekDate: Friday, 05 Apr 2013, 10:57 AM | Message # 2
Group: Administrators
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DENIED. Stark's assets are scattered to the wind. He can attempt to re-assemble them later, but there's no longer going to be a situation where NPC characters essentially hold his stuff for him in the meantime. On his release, the character of Alyn Stark should be focused on being either a criminal leader, a businessman, or a politician; this jack-of-all-trades notion of him being all of these at once is, I think, bad for the RP in a time when there are very few players and we need as much variety as possible among the characters on the site. Stark being involved in all of these fields creates an impression of Stark being "everywhere" and creates a sort of ever-present Alyn Stark musk in the RP.

That and I'm very skeptical about PMC's in this era. I've been waiting and watching for a request for a PMC so that I could make this point.

Jace Varitek
Manager/Administrator from January 2003 to Present
My recent posts here, pre-2009 archives here

"When my information changes, I change my opinion. What do you do, sir?"
—John Maynard Keynes

Furthermore, a dancing Wookiee:
Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » OOC (Out of Character) » Post a Request » Conversion Request
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