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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » OOC (Out of Character) » Post a Request » Taikaha Free State
Taikaha Free State
Mr_BoisrameDate: Friday, 05 Apr 2013, 9:28 PM | Message # 1
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Taikaha Free State


Call for Redress

Through the belief that Administrator Exar Ray of Khoonda has far outlasted his position's term; and thus is seen no longer by the Northern citizens of Dantooine as a proper Administration, yet more as a Dictator. They have as such cast their vote among themselves through a democratic hall meeting, in which all citizens of the town of Taikaha; including those citizens of the province in which the town is located and takes its name from, have come to a fair agreement. Thus the Call for Redress is the form in which the Taikaha Free State is given its purpose and shows the overall objective of the people as a whole and not through the actions or desires of one single person or group of persons.

I. The Taikaha Free State is democratically established as a Republic by the peoples of Taikaha and those citizens of the province whom believe that Administrator Ray is a Dictator and no longer a proper representative of the peoples of Dantooine. Thus it is in the interest of the peoples of the Taikaha Province; including within its limits as such of the towns, farms, ranches and those settlers within it that feel as such and see Administrator Ray as a dictator and not a proper representative for the people.

II. Thus the Taikaha Free State is in rebellion against the dictatorship of Administrator Ray; however it is not in rebellion against the Galactic Empire which it views with respect and all agree that it is thus the proper and right Galactic Government. While the Taikaha Free State establishes itself as no longer accepting the current Khoonda Administration as the proper government of Dantooine, it thus reaffirms its loyalty to the Galactic Empire as such that the Taikaha Free State views it as the proper government of the Galaxy.

III. And for so long as Administrator Ray remains in power of the Khoonda Administration; the Taikaha Free State shall defend itself; thus including the town of Taikaha, the farms and properties within the Town's influence, shall remain under the protection of the Rough Riders who so shall defend their homes and their peoples against the dictatorship of Administrator Ray and remain steadfast in their duties of defense; thus they shall not strike out from the province; yet remain as a steady bulwark until such a time as the Militia of the Dictator tires and sees the errors of their way in supporting the Administrator Ray, or as such view the province as too costly to put down and allow the Taikaha Free State to remain as such; free and self governing completely and wholly separate from the Khoonda Administration.

IV. As such to ensure a democratic assembly of its people, the Representative Council shall be form, as in such a way to ensure the full and proper accounting of the people's voices. To this point the Representative Council shall be made of Representatives; each of which shall have an even number of people whom they shall represent; with the number being in such a way as to ensure that the Representative can meet with those he/she shall represent one on one to ensure that the citizen truly has a voice. Thus the citizens shall also have the power at any time to recall their representative should they feel that he/she is not fully enacting their duties; as such so too shall the Representative Council have the power to recall the Administrator of the Taikaha Free State if they feel that he/she is endanger of becoming a Dictator in the likes of Administrator Ray or is acting in a way that is not beneficial to the Taikaha Free State.


Dantooine; Taikaha Province; Taikaha City {Seat of Government}

Financial wealth

Limited in its scope; as such the Taikaha Free State through the Representative Council has taken account of all credits within the province; and in turn has established a barter system which makes way for the fair payment of services and goods between the citizens. They further aid their citizens in the moving of goods to market to sell to their neighbors and others to bring in credits, while ensuring the credits safety in a centralized government bank watched over by its own council. To this end they are establishing their own banking system to prevent a larger banking system from handling their credits, with all funds being watched over by the citizens which have placed their credits in holding.

Much of the wealth is therefore in land and resources produced and collected, rather than in actual credits. These resources are as such; i.e. "Grains, bounties from the sea, live stock, crafted goods (quilts, home furnishings, clothing; leather or cloth; and all others possible by the crafts of the people." This means that the majority of the wealth is not credits, it is goods and labor provided by the citizens.

Military assets:

With such a large province it is easy to lose territory quickly, and thus it is easier to establish defined areas to protect while others would be left to those that invade. As such the Taikaha Free State has established what it calls the "Trinity Plan" which outlines the exact nature as to how they feel their Rough Riders shall act to deter the enemy and protect the citizens. Thus it is this plan to creates the driving force behind the Rough Riders and rather than create an aggressive force, it creates an indomitable bulwark to push back an enemy and drive down their morale while ensuring the defenders morale remains high.

The 1:10 Ratio or the "Stalingrad Defense"

This portion of the Trinity Plan follows the thoughts that for every Rough Rider they are expected to kill ten militia men; while at the same time holding the phrase of "Not one step back." Meaning that it is the duty of the Rough Rider to make the Dantooine Militia pay for every inch, foot, yard, mile of land that they take; until the Dantooine Militia feels that each parcel of land is too costly to take. With this being their primary goal, it draws the conflict into one of attrition which would more than likely be such a conflict that in a long run the Taikaha Free State would be unable to continue in full, however when placed within the Trinity Plan it ensures a possible outcome in favor of the Taikaha Free State.

Trench-Pā Hybrid Defense

This portion of the Trinity Plan is one that seeks to use the natural scape of the land and the home advantage to its maximum potential. Thus the Trench-Pā Hybrid Defense uses the land as a defensive tool. As such it establishes networks of trenches along the valley floors between the five largest "mountains" (in the sense of the Appalachian Mountains; thus being no larger than roughly 5,000 ft each.) Beneath the valley floor and connecting the mountains are an established and reinforced system of tunnels, bunkers and rooms which can create a fall back point should any of the mountains fall. Upon each mountain shall be established a Pā or hilltop fortress. These hilltop fortresses will be created with earth works and fortified palisades and fortified terraces around the whole of each mountain. Thus the final goal of this is to create a series of powerful standing fortresses that would be overly costly to take; yet relatively easy to defend.

The Slight of Hand Defense or "The Maskelyne defense"

The final portion of the Trinity Plan. The slight of hand defense is just as it sounds, it is defense based on deception and slight of hand. It is defending the Taikaha Free State through the illusion of power, not the projection of power. To this end it utilizes the fear of power and loss to ensure victory and safety. This means that it creates an illusion of power through trickery, using models, targeting locks, shows of grandeur and driving the mind to conclusions of confusion and misdirection. It merely creates the image of the Taikaha Free State as being more powerful than it is, thus creating a means to allow some time for the Taikaha Free State to drum up additional forces while keeping the Dantooine Militia in a haze of hesitation.

Form of Government

The Taikaha Free State is a Republic, headed up by an elected Administrator from among the peoples, and kept in check through the use of the Representative Council which ensures that all peoples of the Taikaha Province have their voice; thus making choices and decisions upon those voices rather than the whims of ones own desires and wants. This is to ensure that the Taikaha Free State does not turn into another Khoonda Administration that is more worried with their own power rather than what the people want.

Military Forces Request

Slight of Hand Defense Request

  • (100) Torpedo Targeting Sensors
  • (6) Wooden AAT models with engines to create heat signatures
  • (6) Wooden MTT models with engines to create heat signatures
  • (1,250) Straw Infantry Models
  • (10) Plaster Outposts
  • (10) Mobile Ballistic Missile launch pad models

Smith Y. Boisrame
Boisrame Ranch
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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » OOC (Out of Character) » Post a Request » Taikaha Free State
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