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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » OOC (Out of Character) » OOC Forum » Jamie's Tentative Ship Price Barometer
Jamie's Tentative Ship Price Barometer
Bernard_OrielDate: Saturday, 09 Feb 2013, 5:14 AM | Message # 1
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Wondering how much that new design costs?

Here's a basic outline of some canon prices
YT-1300: 100,000
CR90 (basic config): 3,500,000
Escort Carrier (minus fighters): 3,500,000
Tartan: 4,200,000
Bayonet: 5,000,000
Nebulon B: 19,400,000
Golan I: 26,191,000
Victory 1: 57,000,000
Munificent: 57,000,000
Recusant: 59,000,000
Venator: 59,000,000
Providence: 78,000,000
ISD 1: 388,000,000

So, if you're looking to build a simple ship, just find one with a comparable mass and price it similarly.

Additional increments

10% if mounting above-average technology in one or a few systems.
25% if mounting shipwide technology in advance of the average.
-10% if technology aboard is basic and primitive throughout.

10% if Custom systems are present.
-10% if the weapon loadout is considerably lower than expected from a ship of it's size.
25% if the weapon loadout is considerably higher than most vessels the same size.
5% Heavy Turbolasers present
10% Quad Heavy Turbolasers present
25% Prow Turbolaser Grade Weapons present

5% if carrying a Marine unit aboard over say 10 men.
33% if carrying over 72 Fighters - no non Imperial designs around have any more - except older carriers.

5% if better at maneuvering than an average ship of it's size.

For ships 100-1000m* - circa = plus or minus 5MGLT (Note: Average capital ship speed is 20-30 MGLT in the canon. Some are faster)
10% for speed circa 40 MGLT
20% for speed circa 50 MGLT
30% for speed circa 60 MGLT
50% for speed circa 70 MGLT
75% for speed circa 80 MGLT
No capital ship should exceed this, theyre not fighters. I realize canon examples exist a little faster but they should remain unique.

*These should be applied only if the ship is not considerably deficient in some other regard (Shields, Weapons etc) - A fast courier at 100m could reasonably expect high speeds wheras a cruiser of 500 with good guns and defensive systems shouldn't expect this get out of extra charges box.


Just a word of advice. Please please please don't make everything class 1; its dull.

50% if faster than Class 1
-5% Below Class 1
-10% Below Class 2
-20% Below Class 5
+5% If reserve drive present

5% - Minor reliability increase
10% - Major reliability increase
-20% - Major reliability decrease
-5% - Minor reliability decrease

Consumable length for ships under 400m - Fair to assume big ships have lots of space, small ones don't.
-5% Under six months
10% One year
5% Each additional year

Note on calculating

Calculate all additional charges off initial value of ship. Where deviations are there; give a few reasons to explain?

Added (09 Feb 2013, 5:14 AM)

For the most balanced barometer to measure all other ships from (in my opinion) you can't go far wrong with a Nebulon B Frigate. They're just a basic down to earth frigate with no frills or messing around, and ideal to compare prices.

CIS Ship prices are estimates and are rather high - this was due to the higher cost of resources to the CIS (which struggled to manage supply lines) and the exorbitant prices charged by CIS shipbuilders (all in it for the money). So don't lean on them too much.

The Corvette end of the spectrum is a bit "wibbly wobbly" as there's a conflict between a Computer Game Source and a RPG Book source which means pour example the Escort Carrier or CR90 are extremely under-priced while many light vessels can be said to be over-priced. So use discretion when shipdesigning!

Bernard Oriel
Senator for the Planet of Vjun
1st Earl Malreaux (Second Creation)
Vjun Delegation to the Imperial Senate

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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » OOC (Out of Character) » OOC Forum » Jamie's Tentative Ship Price Barometer
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