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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » OOC (Out of Character) » OOC Forum » Xythan Force Shield (And why it isn't appropriate for man portable use.)
Xythan Force Shield
TsskDate: Wednesday, 27 Feb 2013, 10:19 AM | Message # 1
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To quote the Wookieepedia page: "Xythan force shields were a type of shield newly created by Cestus Cybernetics in 21 BBY. The shields could absorb and return all energy, including the blade of a lightsaber."

The Cestus Deception is the only book it features in, and appears twice.

1. As a trap on the ground to capture jedi. "He recognized it instantly: a Xythan force shield. A snare. “A new security device created by Cestus Cybernetics."
2. As a generator on a spider shaped droid as tall as a person and about 3 meters long, in which it seems a considerably weaker form (two light sabers is enough to wear it down).

Fair conclusions I feel it is fair to say that it is:
1. Not man portable in all probability (considering it lost its "defining" ability of being light saber proof when mounted on a droid several times the size of a human).
2. A breach of Rule 1.7
"1.7. Characters will not be allowed powers, abilities or "modifications" (such as cybernetics) with the effect of making that character invincible, or practically so." - The Wookieepedia stated ability to "absorb all energy" equals complete invulnerability (even physical attacks are a form of energy - kinetic).
3. Certainly something one ought to have to request, especially if you did want to try and make a man portable one (a sad day for the RP IMO).

There are other roleplays where people have them as personal weapons; but that has no bearing as its simple fanon (people picking out the best shield they can find and saying they have it because its best, not reading the background to check if its man portable).

The only reasoning I've heard for it being man portable (which isnt really much of an argument) is "It doesn't state it's not on Wookieepedia".

In that case, I'll certainly have my characters walking around with a ISD-72x deflector shield generator dome so they can survive turbolasers, because it doesn't say on Wookieepedia you cant.

Now, you could make the argument that you could "scale it down" to be man portable. Sure. But as we saw when it was on a droid it lost its absolute defensive ability. So if scaled down from a the stationary trap = invulnerable, on a droid = vulnerable to lightsabers, on a person = exactly the same as the Kyle Katarn style contemporary shield and not the invulnerability weapon people portray it as (especially in other poorly researched roleplays and fanon).


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Jace_VaritekDate: Wednesday, 27 Feb 2013, 11:32 AM | Message # 2
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That could all be true, but even assuming that it can be employed as a personal shield, it's something that I think should need to be requested. I appreciate it being included in Stark's profile, I really do, but having something stated in one's profile—a Death Star, say—can't be the end all, be all on whether he actually has it. It seems to me that the two occasions this shield has been used (against Cassia Darcy and now against Tssk) it's basically had the effect of making Stark invincible, at least for a short period of time as Stark has stated the shield's power source is very finite under laser barrage. Since Stark is surrounded by, what, 20 or so Trandoshan warriors, it's fair to assume anyway that their combined fire is going to bring the shield down in a few seconds anyway, so considering this is, as I said, something that should probably be requested (personal shielding has pretty much always been denied, plus we've specifically denied the JK-13 droid that has this shield on it), and since it won't be of much ultimate use in this thread, I think it'd be most proper to simply do without it.

A couple of minor points; remember please the insertion of new ships into a thread requires at least 1 post's advance notice. Finally, using the Force to appear invisible to a roomful of people should require a Jedi Master-level of Force proficiency, and even then I doubt many Jedi Masters could do it, since it's a form of mind tricking a specific person not to see you. Mind tricking 20+ people at once is quite a feat, plus some sources suggest that Trandoshans aren't very susceptible to mind tricks in the first place.

So that seems to cover any controversies thus far.

Jace Varitek
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Furthermore, a dancing Wookiee:
Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » OOC (Out of Character) » OOC Forum » Xythan Force Shield (And why it isn't appropriate for man portable use.)
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