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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » OOC (Out of Character) » OOC Forum » Derilyn Space Defense Platform
Derilyn Space Defense Platform
Ka-DekDate: Sunday, 14 Apr 2013, 8:05 PM | Message # 1
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Just worried about these being proliferated.

These are explicitly meant to be extremely high end fortress stations (even by Imperial standards) and can easily make a mess of an ISD. I'm not confident the Empire would proliferate them to anything but extremely trusted allies or puppet states (canonically only one is ever talked about built to entrench a violent Imperial crackdown to a dissenting govt).

I think the only other one I am aware of being requested or in the pipeline is for the Atrisian Sovereignty (Imperial puppet) simply because they want security for their big dock (shared with the Empire) and based on the fact I am aiming for a hell of a lot of their fleet to be made by this station's manufacturer (Rendili so it's the logical choice (the main naval dock for a core empire of 200 populated systems justifies it I would say).

Just to remind.. it's a station that is 4,225 meters in length and circa 6-7km long. Outguns an ISD and could fight one off despite having its weapons spread over a wider hull (by having bigger deflectors).. I don't like raining on Adam's parade all the time but Lorrd is just rebuilding that Cardan (cost circa 9 billion - greater in cost than their war debt incurred to raise their whole fleet for the war + take war prep). It has 12 squadrons of fighters... armed with the equivalent of 80 single heavy turbolasers and 80 turbolaser batteries...

I know Lorrd must be paranoid and I really do support it having a reaction to that (in exchange for a reduction in fleet perhaps? Since it now has a big one right?), refocusing from fleets to home defense makes sense..

Why not an armoured defense platform? classic Golan I or a FireStar Class station? They aren't so badass, but they are eminently more plausible for a world which must have like a 25% budget commitment to the military now. Bear in mind, a Golan I is meant to be prestigious even in the Inner Rim and Colonies..

Just feel like we're inflating defense stations disproportionately for worlds mentioned only canonically for having a University and history of slavery.. I mean, this just feels like it's going to drive up everyone's fleet size requirements?

Again as always not hostile, just worried since I feel like a defense station if it is a mega-one should replace a fleet to a large extent (attack-defense simultinaity avoison principle).


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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » OOC (Out of Character) » OOC Forum » Derilyn Space Defense Platform
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