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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » A Galaxy At War » News & Views » Alyn Stark ''Dead,'' Say Trandoshans
Alyn Stark ''Dead,'' Say Trandoshans
Coruscant_JournalDate: Sunday, 31 Mar 2013, 7:27 AM | Message # 1
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Alyn Stark "Dead," Say Trandoshans

Qatamer, Lorrd — News of the death of Alyn Stark, Lord of the Kinyov Province on Lorrd and a prominent figure in the planet's politics—and CEO of the eponymous Stark Defense Conglomerate—has shocked this small Outer Rim planet. The Trandoshan government announced that Mr. Stark, who had gone to Trandosha on a business trip, was killed as he attempted to assassinate Tssk, the Trandoshan "war chief," prompting shock and disbelief on Lorrd.

"I regret to announce that earlier today... Lord Alyn Stark made an unprovoked attack upon the person of the War Chief of the Trandoshans, Tssk the Ferocious," announced Heinrich Maxwell, a spokesman for Tssk, "Shocked at the brazen nature of the attack, the bodyguard of the War Chief opened fire upon Stark" and "mortally wounded" him, according to the announcement. "Lord Stark ran across the feasting chamber and attacked the War Chief," said Mr. Maxwell, calling it "foolhardy and unprovoked."

"We appeal to anyone with information regarding Alyn Stark's unusual behavior," the announcement read.

The reaction on Lorrd, where Alyn Stark was a household name and a prominent, if controversial figure, has been mixed. Mr. Harald Lennon, an opposition figure in the Kinyov Province who had clashed with Mr. Stark in the past, issued a statement lamenting Stark's death but calling it "an opportunity for democratic reform." Many Lorrdians are calling for the government to seize Stark's companies to pay off the planet's sizeable war debt to the Auril Sector-based Auril Union, while others praise Stark for his role in the war.

"He spent a considerable amount of his personal fortune to defend this planet from the Aurilite invaders," said an aide to Jendos Merced, leader of the noble House Malos and an ally of Mr. Stark, "He should be remembered as a hero." His role in Lorrd's recent war with the Auril Union was controversial, however, as it later came to light that Stark had entered secret peace negotiations with the Aurilites to spare his Kinyov Province—and his weapons foundries in the neighboring Kol Huro system—from Aurilite attack. Indeed, there are some on Lorrd who don't miss Mr. Stark, who was sometimes accused of having "too much influence" in Lorrd's government, but few believe the Trandoshan account of his death.

"Why would Stark throw himself at the Trandoshan leader in a room full of Trandoshans?" asked one skeptical Lorrdian on a street in the city of Qatamer, "It makes no sense." Some suspect that the planet Argazda, the ages-old rival of Lorrd known to have had recent dealings with Tssk and the Trandoshans, is behind Stark's death. But for now, the first priority of war debt-ridden Lorrd is to decide what to do with the former Lord and CEO's considerable wealth.

It is believed that Stark's assets will be held in a trust for his wife, Ana, while a dispute over his will is settled on Imperial Center. Stark is survived by Ana, who is pregnant with their son.

Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » A Galaxy At War » News & Views » Alyn Stark ''Dead,'' Say Trandoshans
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