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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » A Galaxy At War » News & Views » Missing Amos Moses Returns to Dantooine
Missing Amos Moses Returns to Dantooine
Coruscant_JournalDate: Sunday, 31 Mar 2013, 8:17 AM | Message # 1
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Missing Amos Moses Returns to Dantooine

Garang, Dantooine — Amos Moses, a beloved local souse in the city of Garang and popular figure on Dantooine, has returned to the planet after a months-long absence, during which time "Where's Amos?" became a common slogan on the small, Outer Rim planet. Mr. Moses, a frequent sight in the bars of Garang, disappeared last year after going to confront a Deralian special forces team that had landed on Dantooine in preparation for a Deralian invasion of the planet, which did not occur. Both Moses and the Deralian special forces disappeared, leading many on Dantooine to conclude that the Deralians had abducted him.

"Amos, he shot down one of them droids them Deralians was flyin' over his property," a local told The Coruscant Journal, "See, we don't take kindly to drones and the like in these parts. So he tossed what was left of that there droid in his pickup and drove out to meet them Deralians and he never come back." A deaf and mute child named Jessup who accompanied Mr. Moses was unable to tell authorities what happened, though a farmer named 'Slim' Harcourt was one of several who claimed to witness the Deralians bundling Mr. Moses onto a ship and "takin' off like a brith out of hell."

Deralia eventually canceled its planned invasion of Dantooine—retaliation, it claimed, for the burning down of a Deralian importer's warehouse in Garang—amid widespread condemnation in the Imperial Senate. The safe return of Amos Moses was one of the conditions that Dantooine's government insisted upon for a peaceful end to hostilities. Deralia, which initially denied having special forces on Dantooine but later admitted it, has continued to deny that they abducted Mr. Moses.

"There is no man fitting this description in Deralia's custody," said Senator Aurelius (Deralia) in response to Senator Exar Ray's (Dantooine) demand that Mr. Moses be returned. "If a group of mercenaries or inspired citizens took it upon themselves to go to Dantooine, the Kingdom of Deralia cannot be held accountable," she said, adding, "we have no knowledge of such action."

Mr. Moses, 39, rumored to be part Dantari, disembarked from a registered transport in Garang's spaceport yesterday, claiming to have "come to" in a bordello on the planet Zeltros seven months ago and (eventually) found his way home. He reportedly has no recollection of his disappearance from Dantooine or how he came to be on Zeltros, an Inner Rim planet. But "them Deralians is behind this, sure as my name is Amos 'Two Sheds' Moses," he insists.

As of press time, the Stirrup Cup bar in Garang was drinking a round of drinks on the house in Mr. Moses's honor.

Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » A Galaxy At War » News & Views » Missing Amos Moses Returns to Dantooine
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