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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » OOC (Out of Character) » Post a Profile » Jason Fowlkes (A lone rebel-vigilante)
Jason Fowlkes
Jason_FowlkesDate: Wednesday, 20 Feb 2013, 3:04 PM | Message # 1
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Name: Jason "Lightning" Fowlkes
Species: Human
Age: 35 years old
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 245 lbs.
Build: combat-built

Homeworld: Telos IV (born and raised), Abregado-rae (adopted)
Parents: Both resides on Telos IV
Siblings: Tremaine (younger brother)
Wife: deceased (slaughtered by the Empire)
Children: a son and a daughter (slaughtered by the Empire)

Affiliation: Telosian Security Forces (former, briefly), Grand Army of the Republic (former, briefly), Confederacy non-droid special forces (former), lone rebel-vigilante (currently)
Weapons: A280 blaster rifle, a DL-44 heavy blaster pistol, a vibrosword (phrik alloy) and a combat knife (hidden away inside one of the combat boots)
Ship: Z-95 Headhunter

History: He was the first born on Telos IV, born three years before his younger brother Tremaine. Their father had taught both how to shoot as well as flying, but unlike Tremaine, he was no historian and no educator. Jason was never interested in school, despite receiving good grades, instead opting to continue honing his life skills. Specifically, shooting. He always was involved in junior shooting and flying competition every year on Telos IV growing up. His only action when it comes to shooting growing up was shooting competition, hunting native creatures with his father, and keeping local gangs away from some of the most dangerous planets he had travelled to on business trips with his father. His talent for shooting, and flying, came to fruition when he graduated the school half a year early. Telosian Security Forces offered him to join, and he gladly accepted. Pretty soon, both his shooting and flying became too good for the TSF to keep him around. Fortunately, Battle of Geonosis had happened. A couple days after the infamous battle, he had put in a transfer to the Grand Army of the Republic (the small portion that holds non-clone soldiers). Jason was rapidly inserted into the frontlines, fighting several important battles in the very early stages of the Clone Wars. While most of his kill came toward droids, his accuracy was pretty good. As the first year of the war was coming to an end, he experienced the first strain in his relationship with the Republic officers. The young soldier put in a transfer to the non-clone special forces, but was declined because he was told he wasn't needed since there were already "too many clone commandos". Jason wanted to become involved in more vital roles behind the frontlines, to rapidly assisting the Republic in defeating the Confederacy. Then he began to see the Republic for what it really was: a corrupt and bureaucratic government. Chancellor Palpatine was garnering more and more power every day. The Republic propagnadas didn't help as well. The young adult was seeing where the Republic was heading, despite his humble admiration for the Jedi Knights. Two months into the second year of war, he have had enough when his superior officer ordered him to leave two of his comrades behind when faced with a swarm of B2 battle droids.

His comrades were then killed about ten minutes later. Jason decided to punch his superior officer and left the Grand Army of the Republic. He was seeing where the Republic were heading with the actions Palpatine had taken every day. Every day, doubts grew in his mind that Chancellor wasn't going to give his powers up as the war drags on. The soldier eventually bump into General Whorm Loathsom, and he was allowed to be a part of the Confederacy special forces. This had greatly strained relations with his younger brother, Tremaine, which to this day they don't speak to each other. With a new role and allegiance, he constantly fought deep behind the enemy lines. Jason was able to kill several clones, but never a Jedi. He knew he would have to if he encountered one, but he never did and still held them to the highest respect. The young adult was involved in many important battles toward the end of the Clone Wars. Including Battle of Coruscant, in this instance, he flew and fought in the space for a long time. That fateful day, Order 66, he and his squad had fought deep behind the enemy lines on Cato Neimoidia when he witnessed the clones shooting Plo Koon down. That was the moment he knew something was up. The reports were flooding through the Separatist command that the Jedi were being killed throughout the galaxy, apparently by an anonymous order. The Jedi were now enemies of the Republic and the Separatists were on the losing side of the war. Jason felt he had to act quick, there was an opportunity for the Jedi to become their allies...despite that being highly unlikely. When the clones were ready to shoot down a young Jedi Padawan, around the age of sixteen, he couldn't let that happen. The soldier ordered his squad to intervene, and managed to kill the clone squad but not before the rest of his squad were killed. That left him with a Jedi. The pair worked together to get off Cato Neimoidia, but his attempt to protect the teenager failed. There were too many clones, but the Padawan sacrificed himself so Jason could escape. He had managed to hijack an ARC-170 (the pair were supposed to escape together) before escaping.

Upon witnessing the HoloNet of the transformation from the Galactic Republic to the Galactic Empire, he turned into a lone rebel and vigilante. Ever since, excluding the Libs, he had travelled all over the galaxy assisting various resistance groups in combating the Empire. He also managed to obtain a crappy one-room apartment inside a Shadowport somewhere in the orbit of Bogden, and a Z-95...both he won in a bet over a match of Sabacc. In his free time, he likes to drown himself in sorrow with alcohol over his fallen comrades over the years...among several entertaining stuffs. The trait that many people would no doubt take advantage of was he would lend his services to anyone combating the Empire...for free. The man didn't care about money, though he would have several side jobs to keep his apartment and Z-95 in shape. Eventually, he would shift his choice of weaponry to an A280 blaster rifle, and a DL-44 heavy blaster pistol.

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Star Wars RP: A Galaxy At War Forum » OOC (Out of Character) » Post a Profile » Jason Fowlkes (A lone rebel-vigilante)
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